Lenten Practices

Lent began last week with Ash Wednesday - as we say in the liturgy for that service, “we begin this journey with ashes” as we acknowledge our need for redemption and grace. We are all of us sinners who desperately need the grace of God!

Lent is 40 days long and here at the church one of our practices as a community is our Lenten dinners and worship services. This year we’ll be doing things just a bit differently - in the past it’s been a couple of songs that we sing together and then I teach for forty minutes or so. This year we’ll move the chairs a bit so that you all feel a bit closer together and we’ll use a liturgy from one of several modern Celtic Christianity groups: either the Wild Goose Worship group on Iona or the Northumbria Community from the Holy Island of Lindisfarne. I’ll still be teaching but we’ll pray a bit more than we have been.

This year, the theme for the community here is Transformation and Renewal - which in many ways is the same thing. The Wednesday night services from now to the week before Holy Week will be based in one way or another from Romans 12: “therefore be transformed through the renewing of your minds…”

What exactly IS “transformation?” Are we really butterflies - or rather, caterpillars that are in the process of transforming into butterflies? No - obviously not! But from a spiritual point of view we are constantly in need of changing our minds about God. Humanity has - and always will until the Resurrection - set ourselves apart from God and we think more of ourselves than Him. Transformation, simply, is changing that mindset - which we are in need of continually!

I invite you to participate with us in this moving practice during Lent this year!!